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Your business is unique. We deliver solutions tailored to your operational & budgetary requirements, so you can concentrate on your core business priorities.

That’s why it’s important to invest in building safety and control solutions to ensure your building’s continuous health and optimal performance for the good of your employees, tenants and business operation.

We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your operations, challenges, and priorities. We then deliver cost-effective solutions that ensure the optimum performance of your assets.



There is a reason data centers are referred to as mission critical. We realize that all components must operate each and every day, without exception, interruption, or incident.

With the value of big data being extraordinarily high, downtime is not an option.

Cornet delivers the expertise to ensure continuous operations and protection of your facilities, including comprehensive DCIM solutions and specialized fire protection solutions.


Low, medium, and high-rise commercial buildings have their own maintenance and fire protection needs. We work in all scenarios and understand the codes and requirements to help keep your facilities and tenants safe, and to give you visibility into the “health” of your critical equipment. At Cornet, we partner with leading equipment manufacturers to provide the best systems and equipment to meet the needs of the structure and tenant type. When it comes to servicing existing systems, we work closely with property owners and managers to ensure building operations and tenants are not disrupted.


At Cornet, we leverage our expertise in managing critical systems to help colleges and universities determine the best strategy for minimizing budget and maximizing results for their mechanical and & fire protection systems and equipment. From campus computing centers and state-of-the-art research labs to student housing and dining facilities, we provide comprehensive services to keep students, faculty, and staff safe on campuses in the Mid-Atlantic.


Semiconductor fabrication, food processing, pharmaceutical plants… In many industries, even a small interruption to your operations can cause a significant loss when your critical machinery or life safety systems fail.

Cornet provides your maintenance team with visibility and continuous diagnostics to ensure your equipment is in good operating condition, and that your life safety systems are ready when needed the most.


As healthcare facilities have grown in sophistication, so has their reliance on equipment, specialized environments, and computer systems. Hospitals give special meaning to “24/7 mission critical” and “life safety”. Oversight by JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) demands that you have visibility and control of your critical systems, and that your fire protection system Inspection-Testing-Maintenance records be kept current and accurate.