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Transform the Way You Manage Your Facility

At Cornet Fire Protection, we believe in providing superior customer service. Our adaptive approach to our fire protection services ensures every project begins by understanding our client’s unique needs and ends with a client centered solution that is not only functional, but also helps our clients operate more successfully.


Design & Installation

Cornet Fire Protection’s team of designers and engineers work closely with you to develop a system that meets your objectives, insurance requirements, and the latest fire codes and specifications. Our in-house design team uses BIM and CAD technology to design and spec complete fire protection systems.


Our professionals are available for consultations before you begin construction, or when your existing facilities encounter operational or compliance challenges.


Our installation crews are experienced in a variety of systems and project types, so we can meet codes and specifications, as well as your standards for quality construction. Our crews are insured and fully bonded. They receive extensive training in safe worksite practices, which has consistently earned us one of the highest safety ratings in the industry.


Training your people is a key element for success. In our case, it saves lives and property. We’re happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years with our clients and industry peers. We can provide training at our facility or on your site, and can even customize a program specific to your needs.


Transform the way you manage your facility. Let Cornet help you ensure your systems are running and your employees are safe.

Inspections & Maintenance

We take a proactive approach to maintenance and our goal is to deliver solutions that provide you with the best value for your investment. Our budgeting and forecasting solutions help increase the longevity of your systems and prevent costly surprises. We can even customize service and maintenance programs to meet your maintenance budget. When you enroll in our inspection and maintenance program, we will serve as your fire protection partner ensuring that your systems are compliant and operating reliably long-term.


Cornet provides 24 hour U.L. listed central station monitoring services for all types of alarm system and transmission types.


Cornet has a 24-hour emergency service with a live operator to answer your call. We guarantee a confirmation call within 30 minutes and a technician at your property within hours of your calling depending on the nature of the emergency, so you can regain operations as quickly as possible.

Hazard Evaluation
quality control


Safety is your #1 concern. Cornet will evaluate your fire protection systems to ensure that your facility is adhering to safety codes and your employees and assets will be protected.

Hazard Evaluation

We can examine your facility to evaluate fire and life safety hazards and assess needs for fire protection systems or enhancements. Our approach results in a system that is most effective for the hazard type, best suited to meet the needs of the owner or end-user, and the optimal choice for the project budget.

Quality Control

To ensure quality installation of systems, Cornet employs Quality Control Technicians who work independently of the installation department to inspect and test the systems. You can be confident that your system is installed with quality construction and per NFPA guidelines.


CORNET | A Century Fire Protection Company


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CORNET | A Century Fire Protection Company


CORNET | A Century Fire Protection Company