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7 tips for reopening your building safely

7 Critical Steps for Reopening Your Building

Although before 2020 we could name several reasons you might close your facility for a short period of time, including renovations or repairs, no one anticipated pandemic-related closures. Moreover, no one had a crystal ball showing how long many of our buildings would close or the resulting impacts. 

We appear to be in the 24th mile of the pandemic “marathon” and many business operations have gone back to some level of normal. However, not all facilities are back to full occupancy just yet, and of those who are, we recognize that mandatory quarantines may affect operations at any time. With this in mind, regardless of the reason for your building shutdown, there are some best practices to follow as you prepare to usher people back in.

Your Reopening Checklist

Although the specifics will vary based on your systems, your building, and your locale, these are the seven steps you’ll need to check off before reopening your facility.

  1. Make sure all inspections, testing, and maintenance are up to date on your fire and life safety systems.
  2. All fire protection systems should be in full working order.
  3. Be sure that any fire department access points remain unobstructed.
  4. Update and train teams on your emergency action plan.
  5. Fire extinguishers should be in good working order.
  6. All egress and exit points are unobstructed.
  7. All electrical and HVAC systems should be tested and inspected.
The Bottom Line

Anytime your facilities are vacant – or largely vacant – for extended periods, we recommend continuing to maintain, inspect, and test your fire protection and life safety systems according to local standards. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure you have best practices in place to ensure that your regular inspections are part of daily, weekly, and monthly operations. To learn more about these requirements and how you can automate them, please contact us today!


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