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Top Tips: Fire Protection for Your Facility

Top Tips for Protecting Your Facility

According to the US Fire Administration, there were an estimated 116,500 nonresidential fires in 2021 resulting in 115 deaths, 1,025 injuries, and a $3.7B loss.

2021 National Estimates for Nonresidential Building Fires

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Cornet believes in taking a proactive approach to keeping your facility and, most importantly, your employees safe. Read below to see how easy it can be to avoid being a victim of a tragic, and avoidable situation.


Monitor Your Sytem At All Times.

A mistake we see far too often is finding systems that have been turned off – Human Error! 

When your system isn’t turned on, it can’t do it’s job and your facility and your people are at risk. It’s critical to ensure that your fire protection system is turned on and being monitored at all times.

Cornet provides 24 hour U.L. listed central station monitoring services for all types of alarm system and transmission types.


Schedule Regular Maintenance.

Cornet takes a proactive approach to maintenance of your fire protection equipment. Our goal is to deliver solutions that provide you with the best value for your investment, increase the longevity of your systems, and prevent costly surprises. We customize service and maintenance programs that meet your budget. When you enroll in Cornet’s inspection and maintenance program, we serve as your fire protection partner ensuring that your systems are compliant and operating reliably long-term.


Control Your Environment.

It’s critical to control the environment in which your fire protection equipment is housed. This may be as simple as locking the door to the room and limiting the number of employees that have access, placing signage around the system alerting people to leave the system on, or putting a barrier around the unit. 

Only trained personnel should have access to the controls that would turn your fire protection systems off and leave your facility at risk.

Cornet’s 24/7 monitoring services will alert your facility managers if your fire safety equipment is ever turned off or disengaged for any reason.

Cornet’s mission is to deliver innovative, industry-leading fire protection & building analytics solutions. Let us help you keep your facility and your people safe!


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Top Tips: Fire Protection for Your Facility
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CORNET | A Century Fire Protection Company


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