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Winter Checklist - Avoid Damage and Downtime

Winter Checklist

Winter is right around the corner with freezing temps starting to roll in!

Freezing temperatures can mean disaster. It’s crucial to ensure that your fire sprinkler system remains ready to safeguard your property. These 6 tips can help keep your system up and running through the winter.


Inspect and Test Your System.

As winter approaches, give your fire sprinkler system a once-over. Look for any visible damage, corrosion or leaks. Test the alarm system and fire pumps to confirm everything is in good working order. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to discover any issues!


Drain Auxiliary Components.

If your fire sprinkler system includes auxiliary parts like a fire pump, dry pipe valve or pre-action system, it’s crucial to drain them if they’re at risk of freezing. This action prevents water from freezing and causing damage.


Insulate Exposed Piping.

Insulation is your winterizing ally. Cover any exposed piping, especially in areas where temperatures plummet. This insulation will shield your system from freezing and potential pipe bursts.


Use Heat Tracing.

For an extra layer of protection, think about using heat tracing cables or tapes in vulnerable areas. Heat tracing keeps pipes warm, preventing freezing.


Maintain Adequate Heating.

Ensure that the spaces where your fire sprinkler system operates maintain a temperature above freezing. Ideally, keep it above 50 degrees to prevent water in the pipes from turning into ice.


Consult with Professionals.

For a job like this, consulting with a professional is always a wise move. Fire sprinkler service companies have the expertise to assess your system and provide the best winterizing strategies.

Cornet’s mission is to keep your fire protection & building solutions running around the clock so that your company can do the same. Let us help you avoid disruption this winter!


Winter Checklist - Avoid Damage and Downtime
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