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Restaurants & Retailers: Prepared for a Late Winter Freeze?

Ready for a late winter freeze?

Last year’s deep freeze in Texas inspired Shaw Hergenrather, President of Cornet, to write an article. Even though the Texas deep freeze event was clearly a worst-case scenario, there are plenty of things that every facility around the country can learn about preparing for winter weather. After all, the number one lesson from Texas is that being proactive reduces the need to be reactive.

Shaw’s article, published in Retail and Restaurant Facility Business, offered key insights into how building owners and managers can avoid costly damages by focusing on preventative measures. And even though he wrote the article for restaurants and retailers, every single business with a fire protection system will come away with key lessons that are critical to implement.

The biggest takeaway is that performing regular maintenance and following best practices can save you enormous headaches and expenses if and when temperatures slip below freezing.

You can read the article here: Are you ready for a Texas-sized deep freeze? Nine ways restaurants and retailers can prepare for and mitigate winter disasters.

We’ve also developed a Late Winter Freeze Preparation Checklist that you can download here!

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