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Top Tips for Protecting Your Facility

Top Tips: Fire Protection for Your Facility

Cornet believes in taking a proactive approach to keeping your facility and, most importantly, your employees safe. Read below to see how easy it can be to avoid being a victim of a tragic, and avoidable situation.

Avoid Fire Prevention Pitfalls

Top Tips to Avoid Common Fire Prevention Pitfalls

To celebrate NFPA’s 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week, Technical Services Engineer, Brian O’Connor, joins Alert Media to discuss how organizations can take advantage of decades of fire research and resources. In this episode, you will learn how to: Fine-tune your organization’s fire prevention education Avoid common fire prevention pitfalls Form committees that secure buy-in for […]

Ready for a late winter freeze?

Restaurants & Retailers: Prepared for a Late Winter Freeze?

Last year’s deep freeze in Texas inspired Shaw Hergenrather, President of Cornet, to write an article. Even though the Texas deep freeze event was clearly a worst-case scenario, there are plenty of things that every facility around the country can learn about preparing for winter weather. After all, the number one lesson from Texas is that […]